For Customers


  • INSTAGLAM EXPRESS is a platform that connects hair and beauty professionals to customers and delivers a myriad of beauty and glamour services right to your door.
  • INSTAGLAM EXPRESS revolutionizes and simplifies the way you can access beauty services in the South Africa, anytime and anywhere.

How do I download the INSTAGLAM Beauty App?

  • You can download the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS App on any Android or iOS device.
  • All you need to do is follow these simple steps:
  • Open the App Store.
  • Search for INSTAGLAM EXPRESS (Pty) Ltd.
  • Select the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS icon, which looks like this (insert the icon here)
  • Tap Get.
  • When download is complete, tap Install.
  • In the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS App, select GET INSTAGLAMMED and Login if you already have an account, or Register to create one.

I can’t find INSTAGLAM on the Apple Store, what do I do?

  • Please make sure to search for “INSTAGLAM EXPRESS”. (Express with an ‘E’). You can’t miss us!

What is an INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Provider?

  • INSTAGLAM Service Providers are independent Hair and/or Beauty Professionals hosted by the INSTAGLAM platform; they can be individuals or entities.

What is a beauty service?

  • Hair, makeup, nails, massages, waxing and threading, are just a few of the beauty and glamour services provided by our INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Providers.
  • Download the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS App to see our full list of services.

Where is INSTAGLAM EXPRESS available?

  • INSTAGLAM is currently available in South Africa. We are working around the clock with our partners across the country to expand our available locations and services as soon as possible.

How do I contact INSTAGLAM?

How do I create an INSTAGLAM EXPRESS customer account?

  • Creating an account is very simple. Download our App and click on “Register”. All you need is a valid email address and phone number. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account. ?
  • Once you have signed up, you will receive a push notification to the phone number you provided. And that’s it! You now have on-demand access to beauty services and professionals whenever, wherever.

As a customer, how does the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS App work?

  • Based on your selection of several factors (e.g. Beauty Service, Location, Date, and Time) our system will provide your request to the Service Providers who then have the option to send you a quote and you simply select the Service Provider that matches your needs.
    • Register or Log in to your account.
    • Select the category of service you are looking for such as Hair, Makeup or Nails.
    • Select the Date, Time and Location.
    • Specify any specific needs In the Job Description text box, such as Blow Dry, Evening Makeup or Gel Mani-Pedi.
    • Select an INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Provider suitable quote.
    • The Post the Job.
    • Confirm your selection (service, location, time and date).
    • Enter or confirm your payment details.
    • Receive booking push confirmation, and payment processed notification.
    • You are now able to chat directly with your Service Provider in the unique chat function provided.
    • Get ready to be Glammed!

I need help signing up for an INSTAGLAM account (INSTAGLAM Beauty App). What do I do?

  • Chat to us in Facebook Messengeror email us at or call us at ??????? we will be happy to help!

Do I need to have an INSTAGLAM account to use the services?

  • An INSTAGLAM account is required for accessing and requesting services. However, it is possible for an account holder to book services for individuals who do not have an account. (A great gift idea, perhaps).

Can I pay cash for the services?

  • Unfortunately, now we do not accept cash payments, all payments must be processed online upon booking the service(s). We accept Visa and Mastercard – credit or debit cards.

I just made a booking request, why has the money been taken from my account before receiving the confirmation?

  • Please note that when a customer creates a booking request we place the owned amount on hold, and it is not yet captured. The money will be captured once the professional confirms the booking.

How can a customer request to reschedule a booking?

  • To reschedule an existing booking, customers must cancel the original booking and create a new booking (subject to availability). Please review our Cancellation Policy.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

  • More than TWO working hours prior to booking time – Get a FULL REFUND
  • Less than TWO working hours prior to booking time – NO REFUND
  • In case of a refund, please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed.

How do I cancel a booking?

  • For cancellations customers must contact INSTAGLAM EXPRESS by phone at ???? or by email at Please review our Cancellation Policy.

How can I file a customer complaint?

  • Email us at or call us at ?????.

What happens if the INSTAGLAM Professional cancels or is a no-show?

  • In this scenario, a full refund will be granted to the customer. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed.
  • We invite our customers to please provide feedback in case this happens, so we can take action to avoid similar situations in the future. Please contact us at

What happens if the Professional did not confirm the booking?

  • INSTAGLAM Service Providers are encouraged to confirm all bookings within a certain time frame. That said, we appreciate that our INSTAGLAM Professionals may be busy with other customers and confirmation may be delayed.
  • The INSTAGLAM Service Provider should confirm bookings as per the following time-frames:
    • Bookings due within 24 hours – Should be confirmed by the Professional in under 2 hours.
    • Bookings due after 24 hours – Should be confirmed by the Professional in under 6 hours.
    • Otherwise, the booking request will automatically expire, and our system will provide you with other available options that match your initial request.

The Professional did not meet my expectations; how do I submit a feedback or file a complaint?

    • We try our best to thoroughly vet each Professional/Service Provider. Your opinion matters.
    • Please make sure that you rate your INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Provider every time you use the service.

    If you wish to file a complaint, please contact us at or call us at ??????????

Is there a minimum amount spent when booking a service?

Yes, the amount depends on the INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Provider. Each INSTAGLAM Professional sets his/her own minimum amount.

Can I book services from different professionals at the same time?

Yes, as long as the INSTAGLAM Professionals are available and the services can be performed at the same time (for example: you can have your hair done while you are having a mani/pedi).

How should I prepare for a Booking with an INSTAGLAM Professional?

  • For a Makeup Booking:


    • Clean and moisturize your skin.
    • Prepare any products you would like to use during your makeup application.
    • Have your outfit ready for makeup color selection.
    • Select a room with good lighting.
    • For a specific look, please discuss with the makeup artist prior to application.



  • For a Hair Booking:


      • Haircut or Styling: Wash and brush your hair. Select an area with good lighting and a comfortable chair.
      • Colouring: Select an area with good lighting and a comfortable chair. ?


  • For Nails Booking:


    • Select an area with good lighting and a comfortable chair.
    • Get prepared to be pampered!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

How long should I expect the service to take?

The duration varies depending on the service and the Professional. We have an estimate for each service which customers can view upon booking. Your Service Provider can advise this in your chat function.

Would INSTAGLAM EXPRESS be able to recommend INSTAGLAM Professionals based on my specific needs?

Yes, we would absolutely love to. Please contact us at and we will try our best to recommend a Professional that will meet your needs.

I am trying to book an appointment to start in 30 minutes but I cannot find any INSTAGLAM EXPRESS Service Provider?

Unfortunately, our system has a lead time of Three hours. This allows our INSTAGLAM Professionals to prepare the materials needed and reach the location on time for the booking. As such and to ensure our service always meets your expectations please allow a minimum of 3 hours for bookings.